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Here at ESC we are driven by putting the power back into Education, Sport and Communities. We have a passion to make people fitter and healthier, to provide opportunities that they may otherwise not be able to access and to ignite the dreams of the next generation and to allow the current generations dreams stay ignited. We know we have a responsibility to facilitate the progression of all of the above so we promise to not only deliver an unbeatable service but to work continuously with you to improve the lives of many, whether that be by delivering music equipment into a school, sponsoring a sports team or fixing a community centre roof so that the weekly coffee morning can go ahead we're determined to make a difference.

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We offer a whole range of services to make sure we cater for our clients every needs. For us a new client isn't just sending them a quote and hoping they sign up, no! We take time to get to know our clients and understand their business so we can best advise them when it comes to energy. We want to save them money but we also want them to be happy knowing they have had the best advice possible and that we're here for them from that point on. Click the "Our Services" button below for a full list of all of our services.

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Whether you're a school, sports club, community group or you're a business that would like some sponsorship for your sports team or your child's club then click the "Find Out More" button below for further information.

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There are so many energy brokers out there I am sure this is a prominent question to any procurement personnel. If our clear commitment to reinvest in sport, schools and communities isn't enough hit the "take a look" button below and see what stands us apart from all other energy firms.

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