Ring of Light Bulbs


Where to start?

  • How do you get the right utility contract to suit your business?

  • How can you be sure you have the best, most suitable utility package for your business?

  • How do you compare tariffs for gas, electricity and water?

  • Who are the best suppliers to suit your business?

  • How do you decide on a term – is 1 year better than a 5 year plan?

  • How can you save time and manage your energy supplier more efficiently?

  • How do you know your bill is correct?

  • Who do you trust and have confidence in to tell you the truth to explain your current and ongoing contracts?

  • When should you start to negotiate a new contract?

  • Do you understand all the paperwork and do you have the time to spare to ensure all the administration work is completed?



Not only are there a multitude of suppliers out there, but they also have lots of different products and tariffs. How do you know if the product you have chosen is the right one for your business? Choosing the right supplier, package and tariff will save your business time, money and give you peace of mind for the whole of the term of your contract.
We will check all bills provided to us to ensure they not only match the contract you signed, but that your meter reads are correct and your bills are not estimated. We will build your trust and confidence in us to know that the advice we give you will be the best and most suited to your business. We will take all the hassle out of paperwork and complete all the required documents on your behalf. ensuring we update you with any changes that you should know about for your business which will leave you free to get on with what you do best – running your business.



While we are on site for your initial visit, we can carry out our free energy survey. This survey includes the checking of your meters to ensure they are working correctly, and for smart meters that they are transmitting the correct data to your supplier. 
We will advise you how to reduce your consumption without taking away the bright warm atmosphere your business needs to attract more clients and make your staff more comfortable in their surroundings – happy staff are more productive staff!
We will deal with suppliers direct if you believe there is a discrepancy. We are here to put it right and raise your complaints to the highest level in order to get a quick, positive outcome.



Solar Panel Repair


  • Talk to similar businesses – are their bills on a level with yours?

  • Only light the areas required, and use motion sensors on all lights so they switch off when not in use.

  • Never leave appliances on standby mode. This costs you money and you're effectively throwing your money away.

  • If you have multi-rate meters, for example a cheaper night rate, try to use your appliances at night when the cheaper rate has kicked in.

  • Ensure you have the correct insulation. Use government grants wherever possible to insulate all possible areas and check that seals on all windows and doors are in good repair.

  • Check your room, radiator and water thermostats are set on timers and that they set to the correct temperature.

  • Ensure you use timers on your central heating.

  • Ensure you adjust your timers to coincide with the season of the year. Make a diary note to alter them regularly, especially if we are having unusual weather for the time of year.

  • Switch off radiators in areas that are not being used.

  • Ensure water is not heated to more than the recommended 60 degrees centigrade, as higher is wasting you unnecessary money.

  • At least once a month take meter reads, even on smart meters, to ensure accurate billing. Check consumption compared to bills, or even better ask us to check them for you.

  • Fit low energy or LED lighting – ask us and we can advise the best options available at the time, as these low energy bulbs are constantly improving to save you money.

  • Finally, train and inform staff – knowledge is important but they are not paying the bills, so it is not first hand for them to think of reducing bills. If your staff are trained correctly they will look out for all our tips when you're not around. At the end of the day, the more they save you the more secure their jobs become. Ask us about our free staff training talks.

Every business can benefit immediately by implementing our tips on how to save energy and reduce costs. Having an expert to help you with these recommendations is cost-effective and time saving for every business no matter what your business is – this is a very valuable service for every business.